A very last minute 365…

April 19, 2010

making the most of my leftover cloud! still doing 365 every day, one week in now! It feels so nice to be photographing every day, even if it’s just self portraits.

“So what did you do with your sunday night?”

“I painted myself white, put clouds on my head and took pictures of myself”

“No way! Me too!”


3 Responses to “A very last minute 365…”

  1. Tracy Says:

    welcome to the blogsphere Rosie – and it’s about time you got yourself out here!
    can’t wait to see photos from you.



  2. niccimangano Says:

    Hello Rosie, I stumbled upon your blog and was very intrigued by the 365 concept as I am also a photographer. Sadly, wherever I think there’s supposed to be an image all I see is blank space… Left me feeling curious over here!

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